Singhania IBDP

Lamp Lighting - ICSE

Feb 08, 2024

“Light is the force that breaks the shackles holding us back, setting us free into the realm of infinite opportunities.”

On the vibrant morning of 8th February, a dazzling light filled Gopalvan as the Grade 10 students embarked on the journey of tradition and inspiration- the Lamp Lighting Ceremony before their upcoming board exams. Illuminating this cherished school tradition were the Director of Education and Principal, Dr Revathi Srinivasan, Vice Principal, Section Heads, and our dedicated teaching faculty who added an extra spark to this already radiant occasion. The event was marked with melodious renditions, hearts full of prayers and perseverant minds which filled the ambience of Gopalvan. The flame of the lamps fuelled the students with confidence and determination as they were showered with blessings. The students were brimming with confidence and were all set to bring ineffable pride to this esteemed institution and shine in the upcoming board exams.